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Choose Your Monthly Gift Box

  • Willow Gift Box

    Every month
    Bring the Magic to Your Home!
    • Each month, a lovely apothecary gift will be mailed to you.
    • Includes locally harvested teas, essences, sprays, and more!
    • Great for you, great gifts!
    • Always valued at over $25!
    • Limited edition, handmade, magical items!
    • Enjoy items not available on the website.
    • Intuitively chosen for Willow Gift Box members.
    • Free shipping!
  • Oak Gift Box

    Every month
    More Magic Delivered Right to Your Door!
    • Always Valued at over $50.
    • A magical monthly gift for you!
    • Includes teas, lotions, soaps, salves, tinctures, and more!
    • All natural, spiritual, beautiful healthcare items.
    • Keep for yourself of give as perfect gifts!
    • Locally harvested and made with love!
    • Intuitively chosen for Oak Gift Box members.
    • Limited edition, handmade treasures.
    • Enjoy items not available on the website.
    • Get new items before they are offered to the public!
    • Free Shipping!
  • Maple Gift Box

    Every month
    The Ultimate Magical Gift!
    • Multiple magical Items every month!
    • Always Valued at over $100
    • Limited edition artisanal items.
    • Intuitively crafted and chosen for this group!
    • Locally harvested teas and botanical sprays!
    • For you or as a gift!
    • Teas, soaps, essences, sprays, crystals, essential oils...
    • Items not available on the website!
    • Intuitively crafted with love and respect
    • Free Shipping!
  • Tea Gift Box

    Every month
    Beautiful Organic Teas Delivered Monthly
    • 2 ounces of Looseleaf Tea and/or spices every month
    • Unique Tea Blends
    • Organic and Sustainable Harvested
    • shipping included!
    • includes Herbal Teas that I collect myself!
    • Collected and created with respect and love
    • teas for wellness and joy
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