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Intuitive Wellness

Everything is connected. When we talk about Wellness, we are talking about Mind, Body and Spirit. When the Mind or Spirit is unwell, a malady in the physical body may manifest. When we consider holistic wellness, we have to consider all the parts of the self.

As an Intuitive Wellness Practitioner, I talk to the client about all aspects of their life. I learn about their physical issues - such as sleep, pain, addictions, eating issues or other body concerns that disrupt their daily life. I also talk to them about relationships, life events, emotions, past trauma and current behaviors. Finally, we discuss what they are thinking about the things - whether its politics or school or life in general.

I am able to recommend botanical teas or essential oils to help with many issues. I often know what the client needs just by intuition. However, I do like to take time after seeing a client to meditate on their situation and to do research if needed. The client can then come by the following day to pick up herbs and oils that I recommend.

I feel it is my responsibility to offer the client the very best solutions to their issues. Oftentimes, it is a combination of herbs, oils and referrals to other practitioners - such as Reflexology, Reiki, Spiritual Intuitives, Home Clearing specialists, nutrition counseling or others. I personally know many of the practitioners in the area and can match the client's needs to the practitioner that will best suit them.

Some clients have spiritual issues that may benefit from an herbal talisman to keep in their pocket or under their pillow, herbs to strew about their house, or specific herbs to burn in the home (smudging). There are instances where I will go out in the hills to gather a specific herb for this purpose that I feel is particularly suited to the client.

Other possible remedies include everything from herbal and salt baths to tools to assist with the setting of intention and behaviors to therapeutic lotions and soaps.

I currently see clients for 30 minute sessions on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at Vintage Apothecary in Billings, Montana. I can also accommodate clients over the phone by appointment. Setting aside time for a private appointment helps me to focus on that particular client without the bustle of customers in the shop. It also aids the client in taking time for themselves and focusing on their wellness and their needs. Please call 406-850-3287 for an appointment, I look forward to talking with you!

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