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Mind * Body * Spirit * It Is All Connected

I want to share my experience with Reiki and Andie Sanders- Reiki Master&Teacher/Energy Healer/Psychic.

I’ve always believed in the mind/body/spirit connection. In fact, what I do every day is based on my belief in that bond. However, as we go through our daily lives, sometimes the Universe gives us an experience that not only solidifies our foundation beliefs but awakens us to its unlimited potential. My recent experience with Reiki was astounding and did just that.

I had a full Reiki session with Andie on Friday, just to get my Chakras aligned and and for General Wellness. I love the relaxed and healthy feeling that Reiki gives me!

I had been having some pain and stiffness in my jaw, so Andie focused a bit on that during the session. I felt great when I was done. However, over the next 24 hours, my jaw actually became quite a bit worse with a drastic increase and pain and stiffness. My first step was to talk with Andie about it. She had other clients with jaw issues during the week and noted that people seemed to be holding negative energy in their jaws based on guilt for things they may have said in the past. I found that very interesting and gave a lot of thought to what I might have said to someone that was hurtful. We all sometimes say things we regret, but I couldn't think of anything that I felt particularly guilty about.

*An Interesting Aside: for those of us who work in holistic wellness, it is common to have specific issues surface multiple times during the week. We frequently see several clients or customers in the same week that are dealing with similar issues.

The jaw pain got worse and 24 hours after my first treatment, Andie did a brief 15 minute session for me. My time was limited that day and 15 minutes was all that I had! During that session, I felt an incredible energy release spiral out of my head accompanied by brief but intense nausea and emotion. Then I immediately felt relief. After the session, my jaw felt much more relaxed and I felt like it was ready to heal.

About 30 minutes after the Reiki session, as I was driving home, I literally relived the event in my past that gave me the guilt that caused this energy blockage in my jaw. It wasn’t an intentionally hurtful thing I said - but it was words that I spoke. Several months ago, I had to give my daughter some terribly devastating news that changed her life. As I relived that event, I had a huge emotional breakdown, sobbing with guilt and grief. I hadn’t even realized I carried such guilt until that moment that night. It was something I had to deal with and let go of.

I’m sure that the emotional release I experienced was directly connected to the Reiki treatment. I was consciously unaware of the guilt attached to that moment in my life until I had the Reiki. I’m also sure that the first treatment caused the energy to surface and that I needed the 24 hours before the second treatment to focus on my jaw and the energy blocked there in order for the release to be complete.

I was exhausted when I got home, but peaceful. The next day, my jaw was relaxed, not painful and feeling much better. By day 3, I was feeling much better.

I believe that much of our physical issues have an emotional or spiritual connection. Taking care of all of these aspects of our health is essential. Mind/body/spirit - it’s all connected and we need to take care of all of it to stay healthy.

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